A console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily CMC client.

  OS Packages  
  • naim-announce [subscribe] [help] [archive]
    The <> mailing list is used to announce major events related to naim, including new release versions and changes to any of the supported services (AOL Instant Messenger/ICQ, EFnet IRC, Undernet IRC, and The lily CMC) that might require end-site or end-user changes. Messages sent to naim-announce will also be sent to both other naim-* lists; naim-announce is primarily intended for package maintainers and site administrators.
  • naim-users [subscribe] [help] [archive]
    The <> mailing list is the appropriate place to discuss all issues where feedback from and/or the consensus of the larger naim-using community is needed. The naim-using community may use this list for any purposes of its own, but the technical team relies on this list as a place to send polished RFCs and to thoughtfully discuss major changes before implementation.
  • naim-technical [subscribe] [help] [archive]
    The <> mailing list is for technical discussion between naim developers (programmers and other highly interested individuals). It is used to discuss work that has not been refined to the point of releasing a complete RFC to naim-users. Examples of expected topics include the ongoing naimNG work, future work to create new protocol drivers, etc. This is not the place to ask user questions, even if they are of a technical nature.
  • To subscribe to any of the three naim-* lists, send a blank email to its subscribe address. For example, to subscribe to the naim-users list, send a blank email to <>.