A console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily CMC client.

  OS Packages  
  • When you first start naim, brief usage instructions will be displayed on the screen.
  • To get started, type ‘‘/connect screenname’’ and type in your password when prompted.
  • If all went well, the big blue status window will hide itself at the top of your screen, and the green/blue window list window will scroll off the right edge of your screen, leaving you in a query window ready to talk to me, naim help. You can tell this by looking at the bottom of the screen:  HH:MMpp screenname [Query: naim help].
  • Type something. Anything you type that doesn't begin with a slash (‘‘/’’) will be sent as an IM. Go ahead and say ‘‘hello’’ to me.
  • If you already had people on your account's buddy list when you switched to naim, they will also have windows open for them. If you want to add a buddy, use the /addbuddy command, as in ‘‘/addbuddy "my buddy"’’. You can cycle through your open windows by using the Tab key, or you can jump to a specific buddy by using the /jump command, as in ‘‘/jump buddyname’’.
  • Take note of the line above where you type, naim may try to save you time by offering to finish what you're typing:
     I can finish what you're typing; just press Tab.
    /jump Go to the specified window or the next 'active' one
  • That's it. If there's anything else you need to know, check out the frequently asked questions or ask me on AIM.