A console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily CMC client.

  OS Packages  
Entry screen
Immediately after sign-on
Chatting with the guy who wrote naim
Someone not on our list (lamekitty) messaged us
Figured out the /newconn command, now on AIM, EFnet IRC, and Lily
Jumped (Control N) back to the guy who wrote naim's window
naim user Avatar214 showing off transparency (/setcol winlist clear)
naim user Avatar214 chatting with friends
naim user Avatar214 showing off queued messages
naim user cory engaged in recursive screenshotting
naim user clean3r
naim user LtKassah; aterm (X)
naim user PqSe; Cygwin (Windows) (text intentionally obscured)
PqSe's iPhone
naim user ckknie; rxvt (X)
naim user chadpnet; PuTTy (Windows)
Eminence's... screen shot
Another "screen shot"